November is the month designated Clostridioides difficile (formally known as Clostridium difficile)  Awareness Month – it is our time to make a difference! For most patients and their families, until their diagnosis, were not familiar with this infectious disease before.  When they tell their friends and family, those friends and family have never heard of a C.difficile (Clostridium diffiicle, C. diff., CDI)  infection before either.

Sometimes, even when they are told by their doctors of this diagnosis, the doctors can be largely unfamiliar with the impact of this infection and the treatments readily available. This is astonishing. Why? Because a C. diff. infection impacts individuals differently today than it did decades ago.  The re-occurrence rate is greater today than in was in previous years.  Because C.difficile infections are not only acquired by a hospital stay and can be community-acquired. It is a global infection and not isolated in the senior population, however; seniors remain with the higher risk of acquiring this infection.

That’s something people should know about C. diff. — Over 41 individuals lose their life to a Clostridium difficile infection in the United States of America alone every day — It has no boundaries — It can be acquired by anyone –  at any location and  at any age.

So, every year, we all work hard to change that. Every year we make a difference. Every year we spread the education and advocate for patients and raise awareness of Clostridium difficile infection (C. diff., C. difficile, CDI) prevention, treatments, and environmental safety and continue moving it forward — a bit further than the day before.

“None of us can do this alone – All of us can do this together.”

Clostridium difficile (C. diff. C. difficile, CDI) has had an immeasurable impact on our families, on our communities, on our countries.  It is a leading Healthcare-associated infection (HAI) yet awareness of Clostridium difficile remains low among the general public worldwide.

Help us change this.  Contact us and join us TODAY!

Take Action

  • Draft a letter to your State Governor requesting a Proclamation for November dedicated for promoting Clostridium difficile Infection Awareness.
  • Create Your Own Fundraiser!
  • Contact to get started on the fundraiser of your choice.

Awareness Tools

  • Share the C Diff Foundation brochure  (request your copies by e-mail)  A great guide to explain details about a C. diff. infection and data on C. diff. prevention, treatments, and environmental safety available.
  • The Clinical Trials Page showcases Clostridium difficile prevention and treatment clinical trials available and research-driven results.
  • Personal Stories on C. diff. Survivors Alliance  allow you to share your story, to help raise awareness about C. difficile infections, and to help raise funds for C Diff Foundation
  • Share  C.diff. Global Community Support session information which is FREE and available across the USA and accessible from 57 countries to learn more about a C. diff. infection, Nutrition, and to speak with health care providers and fellow-C.diff. survivors to gain knowledge and have questions answered.

Social Media Involvement

Please join us and share YOUR story. Use these November Awareness campaign hashtags to spread awareness for November Is Clostridioides difficile (Clostridium difficile, C.diff., C.difficile, CDI) Infection Awareness Month.


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