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Join the C.diff. Survivors Community and stand shoulder-to-shoulder raising awareness of this life-threatening infection……. Clostridium difficiile (C.diff.).

By completing the information above the C.diff. Survivor’s name/s entered will display on this page letting others know that they are not standing alone.  Many have gone through the dregs and made it through the tunnel of emotional, physical, financial, and mental pain and suffering that a C.diff. infection can cause.  No one expects to be tormented by an infection, no one expects to be diagnosed with an infection that will not go away, no one expects to loose a loved one from a C.diff. infection and C.diff. infection involvement.  Take a step forward and be remembered and embraced by others who have walked their own path through a C. difficile infection.

You Are Not Alone


Heather Clark, Kimberly Reilly
Lisa Hurka-Covington
Renetta Dudzinksi & Gary Dudzinski
Angelo Ortiz
Nancy C. Caralla Comment: No one should ever experience an infection that just does not go away, no one deserves to die from this infection either. We take a stand and are dedicated to promoting every facet of this life-threatening infection worldwide.
Nancy Sheridan
Roy Poole
Veronica Edmunds
Michele Martello Comment: Raising C.diff. awareness in every way with the C Diff Foundation
Angela Martin Comment: I am very happy to say I am a survivor of c diff.
Dolores and Peter Labita
Michael and Pamela Caralla, Jr. Comment: We are dedicated to raising awareness on every avenue.
Scott Battles
Sherrie Dornberger  Comment: I would not wish it on my worst enemy!!!
Ellen  Comment: I am so grateful to be alive. Prayers for everyone here ❤
Elaine Ford   Comment: Thank you for all you do for us survivors!!
Tammi Parker Comment: I’ve been fighting C diff for almost 3 years.
Ethel (Bunny) Heymach Comment: Didn’t think I would make it. Thanking God for answered prayer and still praying for others.
Amy Dodson Comment: Let’s keep up the fight !
Brooks Comment: My cousin’s baby boy Survived C. diff thanks to my son whom unfortunately did not. If they did not find the infection in my baby boy Then we would have lost two baby boys.
Jennifer Shaw Comment: I’m a Survivor and God help those who are currently suffering.
Charlene Heard Comment: I am fighting for a greater C.diff. awareness.
Robin Sibley  Comment: I fought c.diff. for most of 2017. It left a shell of what I use to be but I refuse to let it win. You will beat it. Keep going
Erin Micco  Comment: I had severe c. diff for 5 months…Cleveland clinic saved my life
Dayle Skelly
Jennifer Boyle
Dawn Chila
Scott Bauer
Stephen Caralla
Tee McCrane
Jennifer Wood
Sandra Giersch – Diagnosed in 1999
Jennifer T. Chiocchi
Cindy Fellows
Renata Johnson
Charlotte Johnson
Kathy Bischoff
Dave Bischoff
Angelo Ortiz
Michele Martello