C. diff. Survivors Raise Their Voices On February 14th To Raise Awareness Worldwide


Join us on February 14th with fellow C.diff. Survivors who openly share their

journey with the world and talk about how they are managing today.



C. diff. Spores and More Global Broadcasting Network™

Brought to you by VoiceAmerica and
sponsored by Clorox Healthcare.

C. diff. Spores and More is–An educational program that is dedicated to  C. difficile Infections  and more–

Live Broadcasts air on Tuesdays at the following times:
10a PT,    11a MT,   12p CT,    1p ET

We are pleased to share  “C. diff. Spores and More ™”  with you because, as advocates of  C. diff.,  we know the importance of this cutting-edge new weekly radio show  and what it means for our Foundation’s community worldwide.–

***** If you or someone you know would like to participate on February 14th program or upcoming episodes, please contact us at info@cdifffoundation.org   or  telephone  919 – 201- 1512.



2 thoughts on “C. diff. Survivors Raise Their Voices On February 14th To Raise Awareness Worldwide

  1. I have been diagnosed with Cdiff for over a month and have a long road ahead of me. I am doing the best I can with taking care of myself and my home but sometimes feel so angry and frustrated that I had to get this. I ask why a lot. I’m angry, scared, frustrated, worried about my income. If anyone has advice, tips, tricks, food advice, please help me out, I will appreciate it more than I could say. Thank you!


    • Robin, We are sorry you are enduring this infection which has created even more symptoms. Please go to our main page on the website and view the support page for additional information and feel free to register for a free session to gain insight and information. Thank you and we send you get well wishes.


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