C. difficile Infection (CDI) Journey Shared By A Husband And the Toll It Took On His Wife

C. diff Infection

What is that?

That was my first question to doctors upon hearing my wife’s diagnosis.

I had never heard of C.diff. before.

I did not know what it was or what it was capable of. Over the past several months I have been educated as to how horrific and deadly this infection is. It is literally a game changer…. a life changer. This is something that can quite possible destroy humanity. I am not sure why it is not being discussed more in the main stream media.

This infection kills more people every year than HIV/AIDS and drunk driving combined. It is my goal that every single person is made aware of the dangers of it and is educated about it as I have been. One day while looking at these pictures I realized the powerful statement that could be made with them. I have watched this video several times since I put it together and I still get very emotional about it.

It is amazingly sad what many people go though that is unknown to so much of the population.

Please help – Raise C. diff. Awareness – spread the word and one day additional medical/healthcare methods of prevention, and treatments will be made available that are focused on this dreadful life-threatening infection

Even if only one  person is helped —  we’ve done a good thing. Thank you.

Brian and Tonia

To watch this C. diffiicle Survivor’s  Journey – Please Click On The Following Link:

One thought on “C. difficile Infection (CDI) Journey Shared By A Husband And the Toll It Took On His Wife

  1. In 1979, our then 4-year old son developed c diff and almost died. Few, including doctors, knew much about the disease. He was the youngest and one of the first people treated with oral vancomycin. After several relapses and additional hospitalizations, he recovered but was prone to GI and respiratory infections for years. He had c diff again six years later. He is now 42.

    I developed c diff in l993. My first bout lasted four years. I had a second bout two years later and a third ten years later. All were related to antibiotics for pneumonia – 8 bouts since 1993. C diff has affected my life for too many years. I am an administrator on the support site cdiffdiscuss.org,, the first support site formed in 1998.

    Your video was informative, moving, and frightening. Kudoes to all who participated. You will help many.


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